Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Range Rover P38 bonnet net

This little project came about after plenty of recovery operations, and the constant battle with loose ropes - by the time we'd fallen over them, lost them in the mud and generally got in a tangle on several occasions, it became all too clear a storage solution was in order.

The frame is fabricated from 3mm stainless steel, powder coated satin black, and is backed by satin black vinyl to protect the bonnet paintwork. The frame has retainers cut out of the edge (you can see them in detail on the home page of this blog as a close up of the unit forms the background of the page) and is bolted directly to the bonnet.
8mm elasticated cord is knitted around the retainers, making a perfectly practical front recovery gear storage point.

Some would argue the net and its black vinyl background is only fitted to hide the traditional lacquer peel and paint fade that some '38's suffer from - well, to prove a point, here it is in use....

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