Sunday, 17 December 2017

Self jack

When carrying gear around in the back of the car, it doesn't take long before the weights mount up, and the space becomes scarce.

With this in mind, if you can design a piece of equipment that will do more than one job, in theory at least, you will reduce the weight you're carrying, and have room in the boot for essentials, like coffee and chocolate.

So, out went the jack pad and instead, in came what I like to call the "OIS Self jack"

The pad serves as a normal base for a HI-LIFT jack, spreading the weight in soggy areas, and providing a more stable footing - all fairly normal. However, with the addition of a single, adjustable arm, the unit changes to a vehicle jack, great for wheel changeing or simple maintenance.

The cup on the arm is placed on the axle tube, and the vehicle then driven or winched forward - the swing action lifts the vehicle as it moves, and then locks in the forward position so the vehicle is then safely at height - you can see a video of it in action here

When jacked, the wheel is around 2 inches clear of the ground, offering me decent height - to lower the car, the locking pin is removed, and the car driven (or winched) backwards

It took a few goes to get the driving technique right, and diff lock with low range engaged is essential, but it gets the car up in a few seconds, and means the bottle jack (which on my P38 is fundamentally useless anyway as the tyres are oversize) no longer has to reside in the boot.

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