Sunday, 17 December 2017

Range Rover P38 raised air intake (snorkel)

If anyone tells you this one is easy - it's not!

The venerable '38 does not lend itself well to the addition of a snorkel, and my own fussiness made the project even more difficult - I was not prepared to have pipework running down the wing, and I wanted close fitting raised inlet duct so it blended well with the cars' A pillar.

Here's the result....


It took massive effort - I made wooden mock ups, templates and all sorts just to get the route right, and the final fitted snorkel took 16 hours of fabrication, but there's not been any car cutting except the rear corner of the bonnet - I reckon it looks well - I can't see it from the drivers seat (UK car) so it doesn't impede my vision, and it's very snug, so I haven't hit it on anything off road as yet.

The cross sectional area is slightly more than the air box inlet in the inner wing, and the variables in the engine management ECU appear unaffected, so I have to assume the air inlet tract to the engine is fundamentally unimpeded, but we'll keep and eye on the values over time and see if there's any significant impact.

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