Monday, 18 December 2017

Range Rover P38 Battery isolator

With the foibles of the P38 BeCM, some might argue that the last thing one should do is isolate the electrical supply of the vehicle when its running – however, with the car’s ability to occasionally have electrical fires, and with certain organisations mandating isolators for vehicles to take part (either as marshal/support vehicles or competing vehicles) I decided to try and come up with a solution.
As such, currently in the “under development” phase, we have a cable operated mechanical battery isolator, with the user interface designed to fit to the bonnet independently, or as part of my OIS bonnet net.
I’ve plumped for a mechanical rather than electronic isolator, mostly as electronic ones are quite expensive, but also I was concerned about even more battery drain issues (something to avoid on a ’38!)
I’m also very conscious of the BeCM and its foibles, so have tried to make the isolator with a removable handle, thereby avoiding little toerags turning it off for a "laugh" and causing no end of damage in the process. The handle will lock into the receiver on the bonnet for off road use, so it’s always there when needed, but spends most of it’s time in the cab so I can use it if needed....

The isolator itself is mounted to the drivers side shock absorber turret under the bonnet. I’m struggling finding a switch of decent enough quality, and so far the system isn’t active until this problem is sorted - more news will follow as sourcing and testing progresses!

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