Sunday, 17 December 2017

Range Rover P38 Sensor arms - EAS (air suspension)

It may seem obvious, but when longer air springs are fitted, the full benefit can only be realised with extended EAS sensor arms.

I know this as my car came to me with Arnott Gen3 bags, but standard EAS arms - when the axle was fully articulated, the sensors went out of range, knocking the EAS into fault, which then required a plug in to diagnose and clear.
These arms are designed to be fitted directly to the original sensor (both types) and require no modification to the sensor mounts at either the chassis or the axle mountings.

The arms can be adjusted in both horizontal and vertical planes, and are manufactured in 316L stainless steel to ensure they withstand the corrosive attack of road salts and debris.

Thus far (after two years of use) they have been entirely reliable, and the sensors never go "out of range" so we've not needed further plug ins, despite some fairly arduous off road excursions.

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