Sunday, 17 December 2017

Innovation off road

OIS is a small British based enthusiast designing and engineering solutions not commonly available in the 4x4 accessory market, specialising in bespoke items for vehicles or protocols that may not otherwise be catered for.

It all came about as result of equipment not being easy to source for my own cars, especially in regard to the 2nd generation Range Rover, the P38, for which equipment is historically extremely difficult to source.

The equipment developed may be suitable for business and recreational use alike, and the aim always revolves around deep rooted engineering, ergonomic and aesthetic quality - each product featured in this blog is an example of a solution designed, prototyped and engineered to meet a specific demand - everyone's tastes and requirements differ, but in every instance, I've strived to produce a quality product to my own exacting requirements.

This Blog has been created to demonstrate what can be achieved with very little equipment, but a lot of passion - not everything worked first time, on some occasion’s more than one prototype and test cycle was required to achieve the desired result.

The often asked question "is this equipment for sale" is a tricky one - the original intention as development was carried out was "Yes" - however, tooling costs, the lack of economies of scale and the issue of markings (CE, TUV, BS etc.) combined with potential liabilities and a lack of adequate resource to produce on a commercial scale has prevented the venture from moving beyond its current status of an enthusiastic amateur - now I just make for me (and my mates) 

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